Tuesday, July 18, 2006

our pyramid of want wants et al.

Got this from bf Pao(are we or aren't we?LOL) --- ang kyyyuuuttt!!!! Makes me smile despite the sad weather (mmm...it's bed weather though...)

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Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions are a thing of the past for me, but last sunday's romp amongst the harry potters and trekkies made me my sunday a bit more interesting indeed. (check out mor epics from Pao's site, quick!) Got to meet up with some old college pals (true artists that they are, came dressed as their fave characters --- i feel like it's lantern parade all over again) as well as see my friend's band play. Hmmm. Not a bad evening, we got to see semi-naked star troopers running around the hall for free (disturbingly like the Oble run, i tell ya ---is it december already?)

And, even though Pao's global frequency disguise never grabbed awards (or recognition), it still made a splash, somehow. hehehe

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hlF said...

wow, geek city! funny, i was in the geek capital of Tokyo last Sunday too... in Akihabara. many girls were wearing cat-costumes.

wanderlust junkie said...

wow i want pics of those!!!! miss ya dearie! ;-)

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